Statement of Faith

1. There is only one living God who is all powerful. He eternally exists in 3 persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

2. The entire Bible is God’s inspired Word and is without error.

3. From the time that sin entered into the world through Adam, every person is born with sin and is separated from God.

4. Jesus Christ came to Earth through a virgin, and He was fully man and fully God at the same time. He lived a perfect life without sin. He died on the cross in man’s place so that He could bring man to God. The blood He shed on the cross has the power to forgive all sin and free man from the guilt and punishment of sin. After 3 days, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and overcame the power of death. Man becomes acceptable and made right with God not by works but only by God’s grace through faith in Christ. Christ ascended into Heaven and in His present ministry he is man’s intercessor and only access to God. True believers in Christ look forward to His return to Earth in power and glory.

5. The Holy Spirit draws sinners to repentance, belief in the gospel, and faith in the risenChrist. The Holy Spirit gives believers assurance of salvation, gifts for ministry, and power to meet the needs of the lost, poor, and oppressed.

6. All believers in Jesus Christ are members of His body called the Church, and Christ is the head of His Church.

7. God calls believers to preach the Gospel to everyone, make disciples, and teach people to obey everything He has commanded.


To see God, in His mighty power, change the lives of Deaf men worldwide



Reach out to Deaf men who don't know Jesus.

Lead Deaf men to experience the presence of God and glorify Him in worship.

Lead Deaf men to grow and mature in their relationship with Jesus.

Equip Deaf men to become strong spiritual leaders in their community, church, and

Encourage fellowship and unity among Deaf men in the body of Christ, regardless
of race, language, or denomination.